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3 Major Red Flags Facing Your Lot

April 6th, 2018

When evaluating your parking lot, there are certain issues that are clearly visible. These seemingly small problems could indicate bigger issues facing your lot. There are three major red flags when deciding if it’s time for maintenance.

“Bird Baths” – This seemingly cute name is anything but. Water is the main culprit of problems in your parking lot. The goal is to always keep water out. Bird baths indicate inadequate compaction of the base underneath the asphalt. Standing water doesn’t seem like a major issue in the warmer months, but once the cooler weather comes around, they could soon become patches of ice. This can obviously result in a slip & fall injury leaving you liable for the incident. Take care of these issues as they arise by simple asphalt repair or maybe even infrared patching.

Alligatoring – This is a series of cracks grouped together in one area, resembling that of alligator skin, hence the term. Alligatoring in your lot is due to an issue with your subgrade. The closer the cracks are grouped together, the shallower the problem. The further apart they appear to be, the deeper the problem. It is also important to consider the type of vehicles driving through your lot each day, as well. If you have multi-ton vehicles and you begin to see alligatoring, this could be a result of thin asphalt. The asphalt cannot withstand the weight of the trucks. If you are unsure whether alligatoring has occured or you believe your lot needs resurfacing, be sure to give us a call to take a look.

Pot Holes – The most easily identified and, unfortunately, the most widely experienced. They are a problem for drivers and pedestrians alike. A pot hole is open access for water to compromise the integrity and foundation of your parking lot. Pot holes form as a result of moisture damage caused by cracks or the two issues aforementioned. This sort of issue can be easily resolved by infrared patching, given that the asphalt surrounding it is good enough to bond with.

If your parking lot is currently facing any of these issues, or you are unsure and would like us to take a look, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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