Concrete Services

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Smooth out the edges.

It may not always be apparent, but the differences between asphalt and concrete make them distinct solutions that make sense across different project scenarios. We pride ourselves on being the experts in all things paving, construction, and repair, whether it’s asphalt or concrete – and even better, we can help you determine the difference to understand which will work best to meet your needs. We offer concrete services in a variety of areas, including:

Concrete Repair

We know concrete. From cracked sidewalks, broken curbs, spalling, & various trip hazards, we know the right solution when we see the problem and can fix it efficiently and effectively.

Curb Repair

Curbs can take a beating, from snow plows, heavy trucks, to natural wear & tear. A broken curb or raised crack can be a major trip hazard leaving you liable for injuries that may occur. Our experienced concrete finishers will leave your sidewalk clean & most importantly, safe.

Concrete Sealing

Concrete sealing protects from corrosion, staining, and surface damage. Sealing concrete also prevents water and salt absorption, ensuring that the concrete will not crack or flake due to freeze-thaw damage. We recommend sealant because it helps protect from future damage, making it a solid investment in the longevity of your concrete. Together, we can help make sure your surface is sealed and fully ready to withstand the elements (which we know Colorado has plenty of).