Parking Lot Maintenance

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A complete overlay of a parking lot can be expensive. Proactive maintenance may be the answer. Crack-sealing, seal-coating, and infrared patching help ensure that you get the┬ámost out of your lot’s lifespan. Prevent water from eroding the foundation of your parking lot by taking care of potholes, “alligatored” asphalt, and cracks in both asphalt and concrete as soon as possible. Not sure how to handle potential maintenance needs in your lot? That’s where we come in.

Asphalt Repair

Asphalt is incredibly durable, but maintenance is needed to keep your lot in top condition. Crack-fill & pothole repair keep water out, ensuring the integrity of your lot. Alligator cracks, raveling, edge cracks, slippage cracks, & potholes can be prevented by regular maintenance.

Concrete Repair

From cracked sidewalks, broken curbs, spalling, & various trip hazards, we know the right solution when we see the problem and can fix it efficiently and effectively.

Curb Repair

Curbs can take a beating, from snow plows, heavy trucks, to natural wear & tear. A broken curb or raised crack can be a major trip hazard leaving you liable for injury. Our experienced concrete finishers will leave your sidewalk clean & most importantly, safe.